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The Rugged Cross Ranch Series

Welcome to the Rugged Cross Ranch, established in Oklahoma Territory in the mid 1800's. Daniel and Emma Taylor homesteaded this land and dreamed of a large family. When they were unable to have babies of their own, God brought six teenage orphan boys to them, giving Daniel and Emma sons to love and giving the boys the parents and home they needed. The Rugged Cross Ranch series chronicles the stories of these boys as they become young men and begin families of their own.


Rugged Cross Ranch Book 1

Julie's Joy

Finding Joy . . .

Julie Peterson had been born into a family of faith and privilege, but when her dad decides to move his family West to homestead near his sister's ranch in northeastern Oklahoma, disaster strikes, leaving Julie a nine-year-old orphan. Rescued and cared for by a migrating Indian village until her uncle found her years later, Julie has learned to find joy even when life turns out differently than she hoped. Meet her now as a young woman, returning home to her Aunt Emma's cattle ranch, the Rugged Cross Ranch. Though she has faced many hardships in her young life, Julie spreads joy to all around her. When the biggest tragedy of all strikes, will her joy be extinguished forever?

Buck Matthews, the second oldest brother on the ranch, has given up dreams of a family, knowing no woman would accept his heritage. When Julie arrives on the ranch, their friendship reveals they have a great deal in common. Would Julie be willing to accept his love?

Follow God's sovereign hand through this story of faith, family, and redeeming love. Be inspired to trust the One who loves us all unconditionally.

Rugged Cross Ranch Book 2

Emily's Hope

Finding Hope . . .


Emily Kendrick, the pastor's oldest daughter, has willingly put her dreams on hold for her family. She had assumed the responsibility for managing the household and teaching her siblings when her mom died. Now she is ready for the next chapter of her life to begin. When God asks her to wait even longer, will she place her hope in God and trust His timing for her life?


James McAllister is the oldest of the brothers on the ranch. Though he enjoys his position as foreman, the title he truly desires is husband. He has patiently courted Emily for several years, understanding how much her family needed her. When the time finally comes for him to ask Pastor Kendrick for her hand, James does not get the answer he expects. Will he be willing to wait for Pastor's--and ultimately God's--blessing?

Follow God's perfect plan through this pioneer story of hope, trust, and family.

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Rugged Cross Ranch Book 3

Laura's Redemption

Finding Redemption . . .


Laura Kendrick stubbornly refuses to follow her expected path as a pastor's daughter. Her unwavering desire for adventure causes her to reject the idea of marriage and motherhood.

When her life is threatened, will the sacrifice of her rescuer be enough to convince her heart to accept his unconditional love before her final opportunity is gone?

Tim O'Brien is the third oldest brother on the Rugged Cross Ranch. Content with his life as a cowboy and wrangler, will he be willing to give up the life he knows and the woman he loves to follow what God asks of him?

Follow God's plan of redemption woven through their story and be inspired to give your heart to the God who loves you.

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